Our Projects


Activities of the Organization


  • Resilience Project

A project that supports young people at risk of Islamist and Far-Right Extremism and Sexual Exploitation

  • The Belonging Project

Increasing the participation, aspirations, and sense of belonging of children and young people

  • Family Link Project

A project that supports BME young people and their families who are facing multiple challenges in their lives.

  • BME Sport

A project that increases BME young people’s participation in sport.

  • The Think Project

This is a project that tackles and challenges racism and far-right sympathising views in young people, using an open dialogue approach.

  • Sandwell Positive Street Project

A project that increases the understanding, confidence and resilience of young Muslims living in Sandwell.

  • Refugees Contribute

A project that engages refugees and asylum seekers in volunteering.

  • School Term Breakout Play Scheme Project

A project that runs sport activities during school breaks termly, targeted at BME, Refugee & Asylum-seeker

children but open to all.

  • Progression Project

This is a project that helps marginalised young people aged 16 to 30 into sustainable employment through

peer-led support.

  • Young, Migrant & Sandwell

This is a project that engages with young people from diverse backgrounds in researching and documenting their own experiences of coming to and living in Sandwell.

  • Refugee & Asylum Advice Project

This project offers a daily advice service for young refugees or asylum seekers (including unaccompanied minors, care leavers) in Sandwell.

  • Local Communities Youth Sport Trust Project

This project uses sport to engage and empower young people to play a greater part in their community.

  • Homework Club

A project that supporta young people aged 11-25 with one to one free tuition in challenging subjects (Maths, English & Sccience).

  • Youth Get a Job Project

This is a project that helps young people aged 16-21 years old get the right skills to secure employment.